cleaning Your Home’s November Honey-Do List This month, we’re especially thankful for home. Home is where the family comes together, where we’re protected from the elements, and where love abounds. Your home’s November Honey-Do list will make sure your home is ready for the holidays, prepared for colder weather and loved inside and out. 1. Winterize your home – For most of […]
DIY 8 DIY Projects That (Surprise!) Require Permits “Eh, we’ll just knock it out this weekend, not going to worry about the permit”… not so fast there partner. No shooting from the hip here! You can not only get into trouble with your insurance company and the local building department, but when it comes time for you to sell? You better have that […]
backyard Pool School: A Study Guide Armed with a little know how – you can make your pool season trouble free! 1. Evaluate the Task at Hand Always check for leaks at the start of the season—all you need is a bucket. Just fill it three-fourths of the way full and mark the water line inside, place it in the pool, mark the […]
DIY 2017’s Most Important Summer Home Maintenance Projects These projects are what you should be focusing on this summer regarding maintenance on your home. Being proactive when it comes to your home’s maintenance can save you time and money! Focus on maintaining these 5 areas. With the bright sunlight and warm temperatures that accompany summer, you may be spending more time outside — […]
damage 6 Flood Insurance Myths Debunked If you live in a designated flood zone that requires flood insurance, then you need to understand your policy. What is covered and (more importantly!) what is NOT! If a flood swamps your home, will insurance cover the damage? That depends on the value of your home, the amount of water damage and whether you […]
cleaning Don’t Let Clogged Gutters Wreak Havoc on Your Home   Deferred maintenance on your gutters can cost you dearly.  It’s almost as bad as having no gutters! As a homeowner, you undoubtedly understand just how important home maintenance is when it comes to preserving the life of your home. In fact, you probably spend a good chunk of time fixing problem areas and items both […]
maintenance How to Prepare Your Home Before Going on Vacation Ahhhhh, that summer vacation is on your radar now…just a few loose ends to wrap up before you hit the road! Your summer vacation is finally here! You’ve booked flights, reserved hotel rooms, and scoped out the best places to eat along the way, but have you prepared your home for your absence? Nothing spoils […]
cleaning 11 Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling Your home is on the market and you really thought it would go into contract that first month, but it didn’t. Its not. No offers. Nada. What’s up with that? Read on! When you first put your house on the market, you might be hopeful for a quick sale—especially if you’ve put a lot of money […]
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backyard 6 Easy DIY Projects That Will Boost Your Home’s Value   Not only will these DIY’s boost your home’s value, but you get to enjoy them too. The satisfaction of creating something productive is powerful! Your house is likely to be the biggest investment you make in your entire life. Whether you’re planning to sell it or you’re there for the long haul, it is […]
backyard 10 No-Grass Backyards You Can Pull Off Anywhere It’s not just you…who ever said “I just love to mow the lawn and pull weeds”!  Here are some fab ideas for a grass free, easy maintenance yard! While we can all agree that a lush, green backyard looks gorgeous, grass just doesn’t work for everyone. And grass is definitely not a requirement for a […]
backyard Do You Know How to Prep Your Home For Summer?   Summertime….and the living is easy! If you know how to prep for it! Our friends at HomeAdvisor 5 important steps for prepping your home for summer. While summertime is perfect for outdoor gatherings with friends and family, it can also be a dangerous, and inefficient, time for your home. That’s why it’s important to […]
backyard Are You Making These 5 Lawn Watering Mistakes? Ahhhh, the sweet smell of cut grass in the air…a true harbinger of summertime. Keeping that lawn green can be tricky without these great tips on watering! Proper watering nourishes lawns, just as proper hydration nourishes our bodies. Yet too many of us are failing at both. We’re not going to lecture you about drinking […]
construction 5 Types of Additions and How They Add Value Want to add value as well as space to your home? For the skinny on remodeling…Here’s how! A person’s home is their castle, but sometimes that castle isn’t big enough to accommodate all its occupants. Maybe you’ve got a baby on the way or an older parent is moving in with you. Maybe you need a […]
appliances 7 Deep-Clean Tips to Get Your Grill Party-Ready Ahhhh, the sweet smell of summer BBQ wafting over the neighborhood. Grilling season is upon us…so let’s get started! Materials Needed heavy-duty grill scraper abrasive grill brush scouring pad sponge microfiber cloth dish soap warm water large, plastic bucket latex gloves or work gloves natural grill degreaser (optional) Assess the Mess Determine if you need […]
babies Moving with a Baby: The Complete Guide for Parents Moving is challenging enough on its own. Factor in babies and you better have another set of eyes!  Read on for great advice regarding moving with your special little package. We have organized the guide into three sections: Before the Move, Moving In and Baby Proofing. On the move with a little mover in tow? […]
escrow 8 Home Issues That Could Cause A Home Sale To Fall Through You’ve put your home on the market and have a nice offer to put into contract. Check out these ways to avoid the pitfalls of your own escrow from falling through!  Sage advice! Do you know what issues most often turn off buyers or kill a sale? Here are some of the big ones. From […]
construction Installing a Pool? The Ultimate Homeowner’s Checklist   With spring upon us and typically hotter summer weather right around the corner, many homeowners wonder whether or not this year is the year to go ahead with a decision on installing a pool. This checklist is a really good resource for review before any home in-ground pool installations. The decision to install an […]
curb appeal Boost Curb Appeal in a Day…   Sometimes when planning to sell a house, in the name of renovating interior living spaces, updating bathrooms, replacing appliances and adding decorative touches throughout the bedrooms, homeowners leave outdoor curb appeal as a last priority. While of course the inside of a home is important, sellers make a big mistake when they neglect the […]
buying MUST DO’s Before you move into your new home! The moving frenzy never ends: Even after you close, the to-do lists drag on and on—endless pages of bullet points that keep you up at night when all you want is to begin your new life. Some of them are fun, like redecorating and buying new furniture.  Others, not so much. “When you move into […]
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