appliances Simple Water-Saving Bathroom Upgrades   SHARON LEESEP 22, 2017 Guest post by Katy Caballeros  Between the toilet, shower, and sink, your bathroom accounts for nearly 60% of your home’s water usage. With water scarcity estimated to affect 2/3 for the global population by 2025, water costs are bound increase. Make a water-saving change and an investment in the future, without sacrificing performance. […]
construction What You Need to Know About Solar Panels Once you have decided to install solar panels, it’s important to research which solar panels are best for you, your home and your budget. SHARON LEEYESTERDAY Guest post by Lauren White  The solar panel industry has developed exponentially, in the past decade. Much of that is owed to increased demand. According to the Department of Energy, […]
appliances Pare Down and Declutter By Knowing How Much Stuff Is Enough So you want to pare down your belongings. But how much, exactly, do you get rid of? And how can you prevent stuff from simply piling up all over again? Part of the solution to a lasting clutter-free existence may lie in numbers. As in, the number of pairs of shoes, towels, place settings and […]
DIY 8 DIY Projects That (Surprise!) Require Permits “Eh, we’ll just knock it out this weekend, not going to worry about the permit”… not so fast there partner. No shooting from the hip here! You can not only get into trouble with your insurance company and the local building department, but when it comes time for you to sell? You better have that […]
DIY 2017’s Most Important Summer Home Maintenance Projects These projects are what you should be focusing on this summer regarding maintenance on your home. Being proactive when it comes to your home’s maintenance can save you time and money! Focus on maintaining these 5 areas. With the bright sunlight and warm temperatures that accompany summer, you may be spending more time outside — […]
Buyers Why You Really Need a Home Inspection This is such an important topic and a MUST READ for buyers! Buying a house is probably the single largest investment you’ll ever make – learn how getting a home inspection can help you get the most value for your home. Buying a house is probably the single largest investment you’ll ever make, and you […]
escrow 8 Home Issues That Could Cause A Home Sale To Fall Through You’ve put your home on the market and have a nice offer to put into contract. Check out these ways to avoid the pitfalls of your own escrow from falling through!  Sage advice! Do you know what issues most often turn off buyers or kill a sale? Here are some of the big ones. From […]
buying MUST DO’s Before you move into your new home! The moving frenzy never ends: Even after you close, the to-do lists drag on and on—endless pages of bullet points that keep you up at night when all you want is to begin your new life. Some of them are fun, like redecorating and buying new furniture.  Others, not so much. “When you move into […]
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