Alexa Privacy-Minded Home Security Options for the Camera Averse As a homeowner, security and privacy can be an important priority. Learn about how to secure your home without always keeping a watchful eye. SHARON LEETODAY Guest post by Eric Murrell  It’s never been easier to secure your home, thanks to an abundance of new gadgets on the market. Setups that once required professional installation and […]
burglary 4 Steps to Take After Your Home Has Been Burglarized Your worst nightmare…arriving home to find that you have been the victim of a burglary. Home Invasion. Loss of your precious privacy and belongings. While nothing can take away that feeling, here are a few steps you can take while you recover from the shock of it all. What would you do if you came […]
maintenance How to Prepare Your Home Before Going on Vacation Ahhhhh, that summer vacation is on your radar now…just a few loose ends to wrap up before you hit the road! Your summer vacation is finally here! You’ve booked flights, reserved hotel rooms, and scoped out the best places to eat along the way, but have you prepared your home for your absence? Nothing spoils […]
appliances 9 Home Gadgets to Save Energy and Entertain Who doesn’t love a great gadget?!  Isn’t it interesting what sort of great ideas these companies come up with? So you’re up for making your home truly state-of-the-art? I’ve got a great list for you. Here are nine gadgets to be on the lookout for: Moen’s U lets you customize the perfect shower before ever stepping […]
buying First-Time Homeowners: Everything You Need to Know About Homeowners Insurance Oh my…this is a MUST READ for First Time Home buyers!  Don’t leave home without it! What exactly is home insurance and do I really need it? Ready to buy your first home? Before you dot the I’s and cross the T’s on your mortgage, it is important to understand the ins and outs of […]
Fairfield Sunrise Residences – Inviting & Contemporary New Rentals in Fairfield! Discover the Enchantment…. This secret garden contains brand new studio and one bedroom units, modestly priced from $1475 – $1575. They are nestled among relaxing greenbelts within a quiet, gated community. Our interiors include elevated ceilings, rich Euro-frame java beech wood cabinetry, stainless appliances, granite counters, microwave, washers/dryers and much more. These inviting living spaces are convenient […]
buying MUST DO’s Before you move into your new home! The moving frenzy never ends: Even after you close, the to-do lists drag on and on—endless pages of bullet points that keep you up at night when all you want is to begin your new life. Some of them are fun, like redecorating and buying new furniture.  Others, not so much. “When you move into […]
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