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Smart Home Resources



The ABCs of Smart Home Technology

Don’t know where to start with smart home technology and devices? We’ve compiled an A-to-Z dictionary to help guide you to pro status.


What’s in a Name? Defining the Smart Home

As smart home technology enters the mainstream, both sales associates and consumers have asked themselves what truly constitutes a home that is smart. Coldwell Banker and CNET have joined forces to put the debate to rest and truly define the modern Smart Home.


What is a Smart Home?

In this segment of NBC Open House, Coldwell Banker Real Estate and establish a definition for the “smart home” that is simple while allowing still for choices.


Smart Home Security: Where to Start

In the second post of the Smart Home Security series, we explore where homeowners can begin when looking to enhance their home security using smart home technology and devices.


The 2017 Smart Home Marketplace Survey

Coldwell Banker teamed up with Vivint Smart Home ahead of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to see what consumers were looking for in smart home technology. Turns out, Americans are ready to have a voice-enabled home.


How the Internet of Things is Changing a Little Place Called Home

How IoT is changing the business of real estate.


Smart Home Technology: 7 Surprising Features

Lights, cams, doors, security — many homeowners know the basics about home automation and smart home technology. But there’s a whole array of fun smart home features that you’ve never dreamed of, from watering plants to feeding pets.


8 Ways to Outsmart the Weather In A Smart Home

Do more to combat and prepare for the weather–rain, shine, snow–than you thought possible.



3 Smart Home Devices to Help with Storm Preparation

There are a number of smart home technologies that make storm preparation and damage prevention easier than ever.