Whispering Bay CA Homes For Sale

Suisun City, California

Whispering Bay is located south of Highway 12. Surrounded on 3 sides by the Suisun Slough with its northern border being Driftwood Drive. There are acutally many homes that sit on the waterfront.

It sits very close to the Old Town section of the City, located on the Suisun Channel, which empties into Suisun and Grizzly Bays, the connecting point for the Sacramento River and the San Francisco Bay. Since 1989, the city has implemented an aggressive redevelopment program centered on the Old Town Waterfront and Historic Main Street Shopping District. Suisun City is recreating itself as a prosperous waterfront community from a more relaxed time, and is destined to become a thriving destination for business gatherings, family day-trips, and people looking for a singular and relaxing waterfront atmosphere. Residents enjoy a small-town lifestyle and sensibility.

Neighborhoods Nearby Whispering Bay

Suisun City has distinct neighborhoods, each with its own character and overall vibe. From the charming downtown area on the Marina to the picturesque suburban oasis of Lawler Ranch, there is a neighborhood for everyone here.

Whispering Bay Home Improvement Resources

Perhaps you’re not quite ready to sell your home, but need to make a few crucial updates in order to make your home market ready. Or maybe you need to make improvements to make your home market ready. Everything from kitchen and bath remodels, additions, or full cosmetic overhaul, no project is too big or too small.

Whispering Bay Real Estate Agents

We have knowledgeable real estate agents ready and waiting to help you buy or sell the perfect home in Suisun. Each of our associates is a host of valuable information about the city and all that it has to offer.

Whispering Bay Zip Codes

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Whispering Bay Market Stats

  • 2016 Average sale price is $337,300
  • 2016 # of Homes Sold: 10
  • 2016 Average Days on Market: 62

Whispering Bay Nearby Cities

Suisun is in the heart of Solano County, located near major city hubs and smaller urban cores, alike.

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Whispering Bay School Information

Whispering Bay is home to one middle school. Whispering Bay residents attend Fairfield high schools. No matter where you live in Whispering Bay, a great education is just around the corner.


Crescent Elementary School
Grades: K-5
1001 Anderson Dr.
Suisun City, CA 94585


Crystal Middle School
Grades: 6-8
400 Whispering Bay Lane
Suisun City, CA 94585 2

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Whispering Bay In Depth


Whispering Bay is located south of Highway 12. Surrounded on 3 sides by the Suisun Slough with its northern border being Driftwood Drive.

Parks and Recreation

Mike Day Park is located just north of the Civic Center, a 3-acre park with playground, picnic area and turf play area adjacent to Waterfront Promenade. Additionally, there is ample open space for hiking and discovering at the southern edge. Also in Whispering Bay is City Hall Point, a 1-acre park featuring: turf area & public art sculpture adjacent to Waterfront Promenade.

Additionally, Whispering Bay residents have access to all that Suisun City's recreational facilities offer including educational, athletic , social and recreational activities for all ages!  Amenities include the Joseph Nelson Community Center,  Suisun City Senior Center, Lambrecht Sports Complex, Marina and Launch Facility.


There are currently approximately 29,350 people living in Suisun. The median age of resident in the city is 34.7, which is slightly lower than both the state average of 35.6 and the national average of 37.4. Most households are families of 3. The majority of residents are English speaking, with the next commonly spoken language being Spanish. The workforce is primarily made up of blue collar jobs, with roughly 27% of the force being white collar positions.


Weather is moderate and comfortable throughout the entirety of the year. On average, there are 264 sunny days per year in Suisun City, California. The July high is around 90 degrees. The January low is 39. Sperling's comfort index for Suisun City is an 83 out of 100, where a higher score indicates a more comfortable year-around climate. The US average for the comfort index is 54. Our index is based on the total number of days annually within the comfort range of 70-80 degrees, and we also applied a penalty for days of excessive humidity.


Whispering Bay is home to the very popular Solano Yacht Club which is located at the western edge on the waterfront and the southernmost point of the Waterfront Promenade.

Additionally, Whispering Bay is within the city boundaries of Suisun City, home to the Suisun Marsh which is the largest contiguous brackish marsh remaining on the west coast of North America. It is a critical part of the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary ecosystem. Encompassing 116,000 acres, the Suisun Marsh includes 52,000 acres of managed wetlands, 30,000 acres of bays and sloughs, 27,700 acres of uplands, and 6,300 acres of tidal wetlands.

Another public part of the marsh is Grizzly Island Wildlife Area which is managed primarily for waterfowl, although over 230 species of birds have been seen here as well as many mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and fish. Grizzly Island has an unusually dense population of river otters, which can be seen swimming in its numerous sloughs, ponds, and roadside ditches. In the fall, the Grizzly Island Wildlife Area herd of tule elk breeds. The bugling of bull elk can be heard especially in the early morning and evening.

Despite its astounding growth, the city is aware of its history and carefully preserves and cultivates a historic "old town" charm. The new city hall and beautiful waterfront compliment the downtown area. The new marina on the Suisun Slough attracts boating enthusiasts from throughout Northern California. One of the county's newest commercial “Class A” office space sits at the northern edge of Suisun Harbor.

The charming Old Town Marina area has scores of restaurants from breakfast cafes to first class dining. Many residents enjoy strolling along the Marina or taking in one of the many events planned on weekends, from art shows to jazz concerts.

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Community Resources

Whispering Bay is where you will find the center of Suisun's community resources. Those resources would be found in other neighborhoods in Suisun City, namely Whispering Bay, where the Police Department, Civic Center and City Hall are located. Also the Suisun City Fire Department is located in the Dover Terrrace area. For those in the Military, there are many community resources on base at Travis Air Force Base.


Health care facilities will be found in nearby  Central Fairfield. North Bay Medical Center, North Bay Specialty Clinic, North Bay Center for Womens Health, Hematology/Oncology Sutter Fairfield Medical Campus, Urgent Care: Sutter Health, Sutter Fairfield Surgery Center, Sutter Imaging Fairfield, Solano County Family Health Services and the Fairfield Health Center.  Also Green Valley is host to Kaiser Permenante. Additionally there is available health care on base at Travis Air Force Base.


Suisun City, Fairfield and Vacaville are home to the Travis Air Force Base, which is under the operational control of the Air Mobility Command. Its boundaries span all three cities. It is located just 3 miles east of the main business district in Fairfield. The 60th Air Mobility Wing is the largest wing in the Air Force’s AMC command, and is the host unit at Travis AFB. Travis AFB handles more cargo and passengers through its airport than any other military terminal in the nation. The base has had a major impact on the community, as many military families and veterans have chosen to make the cities their permanent home. It is also the largest employer in the entire county and greatly helps the area’s overall economic stability.


There are numerous schools located throughout the city for children to attend. Whispering Bay is served by the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District. Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District has an enrollment of over 23,000 in 28 schools. There are also parochial schools, pre-schools, and day care centers in the area. Over 30 colleges and universities within the Bay Area and Central Valley are within easy commuting distance fromWhispering Bay.

Real Estate

There is a wide range of homes available to buy or rent in Whispering Bay. The median sales price is approximately $386.500. A majority of the available homes are single-family homes, built during the mid-late 20th century. Whispering Bay’s strategic location, extensive transportation networks, readily available and value-priced properties, and proximity to Northern California's attractions all make it a prime location to live.